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Dusty Timmons’ First 100 Days

May 26th is Dusty’s 100th day as TWGGA President.  We wanted to give you an update on how things are going.  Here’s what Dusty had to say:

“This has been a hectic 100 days!  The Texas Legislature is going about their business and there have been several items that have required the attention of TWGGA and growers/winemakers across the state.

TWGGA continues to press hard to pass the “Growers Permit” that will allow growers to maintain ownership of their wine while it is in a contracted winery.  This has the potential to build a substantial bulk wine market in Texas.  We anticipate that with this type of permit growers can plant without fear that their grapes will have to be dumped if they don’t find a buyer before harvest.  The potential impact of this on the industry could be massive and really help to push Texas wine out of the state by increasing the supply substantially.  This bill has made it through the Senate and has had a hearing in the house just this week.  We are cautiously optimistic that it will continue to progress and get through the house soon.

Another key item TWGGA is pushing is the check-off program legislation that is working its way through the legislature. This bill would allow the industry to vote on a voluntary charge per ton that would then be used for promotion and research that would benefit the industry.  This program would be similar to those already active in the cotton, corn, milo, peanut, and beef industries. The “fabric of our lives” marketing campaign is funded by a similar process.

On an ‘around the state’ note, this crop continues to progress and much of the state is looking at a banner year of grape production and wineries are ramping up to make the most of it.  Some areas have been hit by hail but for the most part the crops throughout the state are exceptional!  It is very possible that with the addition of significant new planting in the Texas Hill Country AVA and in the High Plains AVA the state could see its largest crop ever!”

So there you have it folks!  We hope you are proud of all he’s doing to promote the #txvines and #txwine industries and that you will join in and do some great work.  Let’s CRUSH last year’s numbers and have the most profitable year in the Texas Wine and Grape Growing industry yet!

We appreciate you Dusty!

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