The Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association, with the help of several members, has developed a new name and marketing campaign for a type of Texas wine entitled Portejas®.

Portejas® is a Red or White wine made primarily from Texas grapes and either fermented or fortified above 14% alcohol.

Members who use the Portejas® name in their labeling agree to pay TWGGA a small licensing fee of $1 per case, up to $500 per calendar year in which the wine was made.

The goal is to grow the Portejas® brand so that it becomes recognizable all over the State of Texas and beyond.

You can help support the Association by using the Portejas® name and creating name recognition “For Texas” in your region. It’s a great opportunity to promote a product that is uniquely Texas, showcases your great wine, and helps TWGGA at the same time.

Portejas Licensing Agreement.