Mark your calendar for the TWGGA 2025 Annual Conference & Trade Show, March 3–5, 2025, in San Marcos, Texas. Get ready to immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of the Texas wine industry’s premier event and engage with winemakers, vineyard owners, suppliers, service providers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals from across the Southwest. Don’t miss out on this invaluable chance to learn, connect, and collaborate to move the Texas wine industry forward.

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2024 Conference Recap

That’s a wrap on the TWGGA 2024 Annual Conference & Trade Show, February 22–24, 2024, in Denton, Texas. This year’s inspiration, “Changing Vines: Embracing the Future of the Texas Wine Industry,” encapsulated the spirit of transformation and adaptation that defines the landscape of Texas viticulture.

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Conference Highlights

  • Innovative Viticulture Practices: Discover groundbreaking approaches to grape growing and vineyard management that are propelling Texas wines to new heights. Learn from experts who are pushing the boundaries of traditional practices to adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Lone Star State.
  • Advocacy and Legislative Impact: Explore how advocacy efforts can drive legislative decisions shaping the Texas wine industry. Gain insight into the dynamics at play and how your engagement can influence pivotal legislative outcomes.
  • Technological Integration in Winemaking: Learn how technology is revolutionizing the winemaking process, from grape to glass. Dive into discussions on the latest advancements in winemaking equipment, data analytics, and sustainability practices that are shaping the industry’s future.
  • Market Trends and Consumer Preferences: Investigate evolving consumer tastes and preferences, and how they are influencing the production and marketing strategies of Texas wineries. From emerging trends in varietals to packaging innovations, understand the pulse of the market and position your brand for success.
  • Resilience and Sustainability: Delve into sustainable practices and initiatives that not only mitigate environmental challenges, but also contribute to the resilience and longevity of the Texas wine industry.
  • Networking and Trade Show: Connect with fellow industry professionals, suppliers, and service providers in the vibrant Expo Hall. Discover new products, forge strategic partnerships, and explore opportunities for collaboration that will drive the industry forward.

Be part of this immersive experience at the TWGGA Annual Conference & Trade Show, where you’ll navigate the changing vines of the Texas wine industry and embrace the exciting future that awaits. Let’s toast to innovation, exploration, and the rich tapestry of Texas wines. Cheers to the journey ahead!

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