Listed below are links to other websites containing valuable information concerning the Texas Wine Industry.

Viticulture / Enology

The Texas Winegrape Network is a comprehensive Internet resource providing research-based information and communication services for commercial grape producers.

The network comprises the primary informational website and the largest international list serve devoted to commercial viticulture, the Viticulture Discussion List.

Two special topic websites are also part of the network: the Texas Pierce’s Disease Program website and the SERA-IEG-14 website. We listen. We ask. We educate and inform. We strategize and partner. We seek to understand your financial circumstances, your goals, and your risk profile.

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Listserves and Social Media

The Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association (TWGGA) does not host any ListServ sources or Social Media pages except those actually using the Association name. Many sources are avialable for asking questions and marketing opportunities offered by industry individuals and friends of the industry. The information exchanged between individuals or groups may not reflect the official position of the TWGGA Board of Directors. Participants are encouraged to verify all sources of information shared on these sites and are warned not to engage in any discussions which may be construed to reflect practices that are exclusionary or of collusion in nature.

Texas Winegrowers List Serve