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The Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association (TWGGA) is an active force in both state and federal legislation and regulation in order to advocate for you and your business. To better support you, TWGGA is proud to announce the official launch of the Texas Wine & Grape Growers PAC.

This dynamic and forward-thinking political action committee is committed to supporting the industry by contributing to candidates and office holders who encourage the growth of the Texas wine industry.

Your business matters. Your voice matters. Your support matters.

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Why Contribute?

(1) The alcohol industry is heavily regulated. The Texas wine industry exists at the whim of the Texas legislature. As with all alcohol businesses, everything that has been allowed by the law can be altered or removed. That includes all your privileges, rights, and abilities.

Every 2 years, the Texas legislature meets for 140 days to discuss and decide every aspect of our governmental lives—from taxes to education and healthcare, to agriculture restrictions, and of course, to alcohol regulations. In most cases, the people making decisions know very little to nothing about your business. Let’s support those who know you.

(2) The alcohol industry is competitive. You are not only competing with national brands, but also high-quality locally produced products, beer, distilled spirits, cider, and more. They are all competing for your customers’ attention and money. In many cases, every dollar spent on locally produced alcohol products means consumers are not spending money through the more traditional alcohol industry businesses.

That means package stores, liquor distributors, and beer wholesalers are losing money to your business. They will loudly fight these losses any way they can, including through legislation that negatively impacts Texas wines. Let’s support those who will cut through the noise and give a voice to Texas wineries and vineyards.

(3) The Texas wine industry is growing. The days of our industry flying below the radar are gone. The Texas wine and grape-growing industry is a formidable force in the Lone Star State. It contributes more than $20.35 billion of economic value to the State of Texas (according to the 2022 National Economic Impact Study of the Wine Industry by John Dunham & Associates).

Our industry growth has been extraordinary, and legislators and other industry segments have taken notice. Each legislative session bills are introduced to change our industry (and not always in a good way). To combat this, we must become more legislatively active. Let’s support those who want to see us thrive.

Make a Contribution

TWGGA-PAC is governed by and in full compliance with all Federal Election Commission (FEC) laws and regulations. Please note: In accordance with Texas Ethics Commission rules, payments cannot be accepted from a corporation. The only payments acceptable are from an individual, LLP, LLC, or partnership (as long as no corporate partners).

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