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TWGGA is dedicated to promoting and supporting the wineries and vineyards from five distinct regions in Texas.


Texas currently has over 470 bonded commercial wineries. Wine production in Texas continues to grow each year with over 3 million gallons produced annually. Texas ranks fifth in the United States of America in wine production.

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Texas is the site of the first vineyard established in North America by Franciscan priests circa 1662. Texas now has approximately 4,500 acres of family owned vineyard land with eight American Viticulture Areas (AVAs).

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Texas grape growers and wine makers choose to work with European as well as non-viniferous, or non-European grapevines and fruit. These grapes are more resistant to specific challenges presented by growing conditions in Texas.

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State Facts

The number of wineries in the state of Texas has grown to over 470. The wine and grape industry in Texas has contributed greatly to the economic strength of the state with an economic impact of $13.1 Billion.

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The Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association proudly supports the Professional members who maintain their membership in the Association and promote the events hosted the by the Association. Members are encouraged to support these professionals who give their time and efforts to making the Texas Wine Industry successful.

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